The peace of mind of being in control

A dedicated team

At Mapit, we connect thousands of people to what matters most to them, every day and from the place of their choice. We believe that true success begins and ends with hiring the best people, working as a true team, and making sure we have a good time along the way. If all this sounds familiar to you: check out our job offers and join us!

Our history

Where was the project born?

Our journey began in 2016. Specifically, on the day the exhaust pipe was stolen from the motorcycle of Javi, co-founder and current CEO of Mapit. “How can something as important to a person as their motorbike not be connected to them so they know where they are at all times?” we asked.

Design of the first Mapit

With this concern and the great challenge ahead, we designed the first GPS device specifically for motorcycles and devised the services with which to provide security and peace of mind to our customers through an app. In the end, we were the first ones interested in finding a way to worry only about enjoying the pleasure of driving and moving calmly through the city.

Our CEO’s motorcycle is stolen

The device works! The acid test came in 2016. Again, Javi’s motorcycle was stolen in Barcelona. This time, however, we were better prepared: with a Mapit device installed on his motorcycle, he was able to locate and recover his vehicle. That’s how we knew with certainty and firsthand that we were doing it right and that we could help our clients with their needs.

Agreement with Honda

By working very hard and thanks to our mastery of IoT technology, we managed to make a name for ourselves in the industry. Just one year after our founding, we signed our first major agreement with Honda Motor Europe. Since November 2017 and until today, Honda motorcyclists enjoy the multiple advantages offered by Mapit within the Honda Plus service pack.

Product improvement

We continue to evolve with the technique that has never failed us: listening to our customers. We launched new services and functionalities in our apps (geofence technology, the possibility of being in contact with the Official Honda Service for an optimal service of the motorcycle, etc.). We are also continuously improving our device. In 2019 we had worked on 5 different versions, each one superior to the previous one.

Awards and recognition

Thanks to a talented and committed team of 25 people, we have been recognized and awarded by several entities: NEOTEC, the program for innovative technology-based companies with R+D+I projects; Amazon Web Services for being one of the Startups with one of the best architectures and innovative solutions in 2020; the Ministry of Science and Innovation for our innovative traits…


How do we see the future? At Mapit we believe that in the near future all our devices will be connected to us to improve our quality of life. Therefore, we want to position ourselves as a leading company in the IoT sector, providing solutions through a service platform that changes the way we interact with our devices, not only with our vehicles. We know it’s an ambitious and challenging adventure… will you join us?


Our values

Constantly evolving

Improvement is our constant. We strive to ensure that our technology is always relevant, easy to use and easy to scale. All with the final purpose of making our customers feel connected at all times and from anywhere to what matters most to them.

Pursuing perfection

We want Mapit to be a model in the sector. We love to bring together everything related to motorcycles, mobility and technology. Excellence is a must, so we strive to exceed expectations in any of these three areas.

Our customers, our main focus

We take care of everyone who is part of Mapit because our essence comes from each person involved, from the community to the team. Our goal is to honor their trust and this is why we are honest, transparent, and committed to what will be best for all of them.

Simplifying the complex

This is what Mapit’s customers want – for us to make their lives easier. We work to make everything simple: our product, the services we offer, the way we communicate, and so on. We always choose to prioritize those technological solutions that allow anyone to enjoy their motorbike, while eliminating those that do not add value.

Want to join us?