Connect with Honda

Because you never know what can happen to your motorcycle, Honda Mapit warns you if your motorcycle receives a hit or movement and allows you to verify its position in seconds.

Always by your side

The danger does not rest, so Honda Mapit works 24 hours a day to protect your motorbike wherever you are and alerts you immediately if it detects anything out of the ordinary. Enjoy 1 year free with Honda Plus. Without mandatory terms and with 3 years of warranty.

Information is power

We know that your motorbike is very important to you. That’s why we give you the power to connect to it and control everything. You will know its live location, receive a notification if someone moves it, and can customize security areas. Taking control has never been easier.

All from one place

With Mapit, your smartphone will be your best ally. Through the app, save your best routes in GPX and consult all your statistics. You will also be able to share the real-time location of your motorbike with whomever you choose. All in one place.

Connect with your garage

We know you have a thousand things on your mind. Don’t worry, Mapit makes it easy for you: we’ll remind you of your next service, you can choose a date for your Honda appointment, we’ll let you know when your bike is ready and we’ll record the services performed in the app. You will only have to focus on what matters.

The hardest

is to wait for

your Mapit

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Register your bike and find out what it has to tell you.

Honda dealer network

Find your nearest Honda dealer and have a Honda Mapit installed.

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