Privacy policy

We inform you that the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is applied to your use of the mobile phone app in telematic form and the MAPIT website (the “Application”), whose functions are made available through a subscription (the “Subscription”), as well as to the installation of a telematic device that is connected to your motorbike (the “Device”) (collectively called, “MAPIT” or the “MAPIT Package”).

MAPIT is administered by Mapit IoT, S.L. (“Mapit IoT”, “we”, “us”, and/or “our”), domiciled in calle Casp 172, 4B, 08013 Barcelona y con NIF B-66716291 (called “Mapit IoT”).

This Policy sets out the way in which Mapit IoT collects, uses and discloses, and in any other manner, deals with your personal information in the utilization of MAPIT. For such purposes, Mapit IoT will be the party responsible for the treatment of the personal data associated with the MAPIT Package.

MAPIT IoT is able to anonimise your personal information in order to use said anonymous data to improve MAPIT.


1. What type of information does Mapit IoT collect and why?

1.1 – When a device is connected to a motorbike, MAPIT IoT is able to collect the following types of information:

1.1.1 – The chassis number, or “VIN” [por sus siglas en inglés], which identifies your motorbike (and which is associated with other data related to you), the make, model, and year of manufacture and purchase.

1.1.2 – Mileage, tyre pressure, oil levels, battery condition, date of last service, warnings, incidents and other aspects recorded electronically related to the use and functioning of your motorbike.

1.1.3 – Your bank details and other financial information that may be necessary when you activate or renew your Subscription.

1.1.4 – Details of the mobile device linked to the Subscription via the Application.

1.1.5 – GPS details to determine your location, that of your motorbike and/or your mobile device, connected with the location of your motorbike, including the location and country that corresponds with that of each element (always and whenever, where required by law, you have previously given your consent, or where there exists another legal reason to manage this personal data).

1.1.6 – The speed of your motorbike, including average speed, length of time parked, harsh braking incidents, rapid acceleration incidents and incidents of excessive speed over 130 km/h; and

1.1.7 – An analysis of the route taken by your motorbike, including average speed, distance covered, length of time parked, events (such as exceeding self-imposed speed limits).

1.1.8 – As well as the above, by using MAPIT, MAPIT IoT can also collect the following information, additionally (if applicable), and with relation to, the information previously indicated:

(i) – Your name and contact details; for example, your address, postcode, country, telephone numbers and/or email address; and
(ii) – Your user PIN (which could contain a reference to or information that may be of a personal nature).

1.2 – The previous information (not only by itself but also in combination with other information that we retain about you) can enable us to identify you personally. This type of personal information is known as “personal data”. In those case where MAPIT IoT collects said personal data, we will handle this information within the terms described in the current Policy.

1.3 – When you contact us in relation to MAPIT, we can also collect the following personal data:

1.3.1 – Your name and contact details; for example, your address, postcode, country, telephone numbers and/or email address.

1.3.2 – The reason for contact.

1.3.3 – Information regarding the services that interest you; and/or

1.3.4 – Information necessary to comply with the law.

1.4 – This information is primarily collected from you, however we can also collect it, when legally permitted, through, and combined with, information that is already in our possession, through public sources, external service providers, the government, tax agencies and/or security services, and other third parties.


2. How does Mapit IoT use your personal data?

2.1 – Mapit IoT can use the information described in paragraph 1 for the following purposes:

2.1.1 – To reply to and/or deal with a request or consultation from you.

2.1.2 – To improve the functionality and quality of MAPIT.

2.1.3 – Manage MAPIT when you have an active Subscription, which can include (among other reasons):

(i) – Allow you to locate nearby dealerships and workshops and contact them via the Application.
(ii) – Customise your Application experience and gather the key details of your motorbike in one place, such as the model, year or manufacture, engine and chassis number, etc.
(iii) – Book a service appointment for your motorbike in the dealership or workshop of your choice.
(iv) – Notify you of the date of your next service.
(v) – Locate your motorbike thanks to GPS.
(vi) – Share the location of your motorbike.
(vii) – Access data related to your journeys and/or your driving mode, such as data regarding the average speed of your motorbike, the length of time parked, the mileage and GPS.
(viii) – De-restrict the zone in which you allow your motorbike to be ridden and receive an alert if your motorbike leaves this zone.

2.1.4 – Comply with legal requirements, rules and other obligations of good governance; and

2.1.5 – Any other purpose related to the management of your legal relationship with MAPIT IoT.

2.2 – When we are obliged by the corresponding legislation to obtain your prior consent to be able to process your personal data for the purposes described above, we will proceed in said manner. The above list may be updated on a periodic basis depending on the business requirements of Mapit IoT and the legal requirements. In the event that this policy is updated, we will inform you of such an update as required by the corresponding legislation.

2.3 – Please note that as MAPIT is improved and updated, we may have to process your personal data in a different manner from that indicated above. Whenever this occurs we will update this Policy.

2.4 – Without prejudice to the corresponding legislation, we may also process your personal data for other legitimate business purposes, such as, for example, management analysis, audit, forecasts, planning and company transactions, to ensure compliance with the corresponding laws, compliance with regulatory requirements of Mapit IoT policies, manage legal claims and related research and/or administrative activities as well as carry out any record-keeping obligations that are applicable. In addition we may manage it to exercise our legal rights and to comply with requests from security services and other government agencies or with court orders.

2.5 – Please note that whilst there is a Device connected to your motorbike, we may continue to process some of your personal data for the purposes described above, even when your Subscription has expired. Therefore if you no longer wish Mapit IoT to process that Personal Data, you must arrange for your dealership or workshop to disconnect or deactivate your device.

2.6 – Mapit IoT may, at the same time, convert personal data into anonymous data and use it (normally on an aggregate statistical basis) for research and analysis in order to improve MAPIT. For more information, please consult the following section Aggregate Information.


3. Aggregate Information

3.1 – The personal aggregate information does not personally identify either you or any other MAPIT user. It may be used for statistical analysis and administration such as, for example, trend analysis, carrying out actuarial work, product adaptation, risk assessment and associated cost analysis related to the MAPIT operation.


4. Does Mapit IoT share personal data with third parties?

4.1 – Your personal data will be provided for the purposes described above (or for others that may be notified to you in the future and provided that there is a legal reason to do so in accordance with the applicable legislation), not only to Mapit IoT but also to our external service providers.

4.2 – Mapit IoT may pass data to dealerships and manufacturers, in the event that the customer requests it.


5. Will your personal data be transferred abroad?

5.1 – It is possible that our service providers (like Microsoft), who are not located within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) will handle or access your personal data from jurisdictions outside the said EEA. Consequently, those persons with a connected Device and/or who utilise MAPIT within Europe, should be aware that such recipients could be located in countries or territories outside the EEA and that they may not have adequate data protection legislation equivalent to that of the EEA. In those cases, measures will be taken to protect your rights and personal dates required by the corresponding legislation.

5.2 – It is also possible that Mapit IoT or one of our service providers may transfer the personal data of persons of other regions outside their own country. Upon giving consent to the connection of a Device and/or the activation of a Subscription, and without prejudice to any other requirement established by the corresponding legislation, such consent will act as authorisation for the transfer of your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.


6. What measures are put in place to protect your personal data?

6.1 – Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 6.2, Mapit IoT will adopt measures to protect the security of your personal data in accordance with the corresponding legislation. Mapit IoT will adopt the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from any unauthorised access, alteration, transmission, public disclosure, erasure or destruction, as well as accidental damage and loss or erasure of personal data.

6.2 – We cannot guarantee the security of any transmission of personal data over the Internet. Communications over the Internet, such as emails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Thus, although we strive to protect such information, we cannot guarantee or ensure the security of any information transmitted to us. Please do not send personal data via the Application or any Mapit IoT website unless you accept the inherent security risks and the implications of Internet use.


7. What rights do you have to review, modify and/or delete your personal data?

7.1 – You have the right to request information regarding the processing of your personal data, to access it as well as request the rectification of incorrect data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

7.2 – In certain circumstances you can request the limitation of the processing of your data, in which case we will only keep them for the exercising or defence of claims.

7.3 – For reasons related to your individual situation, you can object to the processing of your data. MAPIT IoT will stop processing your data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, for the exercising or defence of possible claims.

7.4 – By virtue of the right of portability, you have the right to obtain the personal data that concerns you in a structured form of common use and machine reading and send them to another responsible body.

7.5 – Your rights under GDPR can be exercised through:

– written correspondence to MAPIT IoT, C/ Casp 172, 4B. 08013 Barcelona.

– An email to our DPO:

7.6 – If you consider that your rights have not been duly addressed, you have the right to register a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


8. Maintenance of records and information at your disposal

8.1 – The data provided will be kept for as long as necessary to carry out the purposes for which Mapit IoT is authorized and as long as you do not disconnect or deactivate the MAPIT device from your motorbike in a dealership or workshop, or during the period necessary to comply with legal obligations.


9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

9.1 – We may modify the current Privacy Policy by updating this page to reflect changes in legislation and/or our privacy practices. In this event we will subsequently update the date in the Policy heading.

9.2 – When required by the corresponding legislation, we will inform you of any changes. However, we urge you to check this Policy whenever you use the Application.

9.3 – Without prejudice to any other requirements that may be necessary by the corresponding legislation, when using the Website, when sending us your personal data and/or registering an account, you are giving your consent to the use and processing of your personal data in accordance with what is described in this Policy (including the periodic modifications that may occur).


10. Contact us

10.1 – If you have any questions regarding this Policy you can contact Mapit IoT via the addresses indicated in the first section.