The perfect harmony
between you
and your ride

Mapit brings you together with your motorcycle in a unique experience.
Listen to it and let it take you to unforgettable places.

Your best ally

We understand the unique relationship between you and your motorcycle and are committed to helping you live that passion with total peace of mind. We offer you one-of-a-kind experiences that will overcome any challenges along the way. Your motorcycle is more than just a means of transportation, it’s a way of life. Living it to the fullest, safely and worry-free is our commitment to you.

Your motorcycle always by your side

Your motorcycle always by your side

The serenity that comes from knowing your motorcycle is safe and sound is priceless. Mapit keeps you informed of its location and alerts you if it’s moved or tampered with, all in real-time. All in real-time

Your two-wheeled adventures

Export your best rides, see your weekly stats and get back to riding those routes you love. Save and share them with whoever you want.

Your motorcycle always up to date

Stay organized with your motorcycle’s check-ups, appointments, and maintenance schedule.
Your bike will always be in top condition with minimal effort required from you.

Break up in perfect sync

We understand that sometimes relationships come to an end. You pick your journey, and we’ll make sure transferring your motorcycle is a breeze!

Download the app

Register your bike and find out what it has to tell you.

Why choose Mapit

Simple technology

We manage cutting-edge and innovative technology, but we simplify its use through our app to offer a unique, intuitive and real-time experience.


We are 25 professionals from different disciplines who work to provide a complete service, ready to resolve any incident, and where our clients’ opinions matter.

Industry confidence

We are proud to have the support of industry-leading Honda Motor Europe, and the confidence of over 50,000 customers who endorse our service.

Continuous improvement

We work every day to offer a product adapted to the real needs of our customers. For this reason, we regularly update the functionalities of our devices, offering coverage throughout Europe.

We don’t want you to worry

Our maxim is and will be to offer peace of mind to our clients. We understand the value of what we protect and we have the best tools to guarantee its protection.

The best is yet to come

But it doesn’t end there. Our expertise in IoT technology allows us to break down barriers, expanding our knowledge into new sectors and territories. Will you join us?

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