Save with Mapit

Bring your colleagues. We give you 20€ to you and 90€*.
to your friend if you recommend us!

*Device + 1 year for 119,95€.
+ 50% discount on the first renewal.

How does it work?


Do you know anyone who wants to control their motorcycle from their cell phone? Now you can give him a 70€ discount for his Mapit and we will give you both a 20€ coupon for your subscriptions. We simply need your friend’s contact information. We’ll take care of the rest!


We are sure your friend will love the idea of becoming a Mapiter… We will contact your friend saying we are on your side, explain what Mapit is all about, and offer him/her to join us. The moment of truth has arrived… Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Happy customer

Voilà! When we verify that your friend is correctly registered, both of you will receive an email confirming the good news… Now you have a coupon worth 20€ totally free! Whoever has a friend has a treasure, right?

Do you want to know more about our plans?

Will you introduce us to your friend?

We will contact you to apply the discount.

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