Mapit Connect

139,95 - Free Shipping

MapitConnect is an easy-to-install device that allows you to check all the information about your motorcycle on your phone.

  • Small, light and discrete sensor.
  • No SMS messages, easy installation.
  • Directly connected to your motorcycle's battery.
  • Real-time tracking on your mobile phone.

1 YEAR FREE Subscription. Annual subscription fee: €39.95 VAT included.


Product Description

Small, light device (80 x 61 x 30 mm | 60 g).
Quick and easy to install.
Suitable for all motorcycle types.
Fast activation through code (online).
Share your location whenever you want, with whoever you want.
Integrated motion sensor: alert when the vehicle is moving.
Status notifications in real time (not via SMS).
Real-time location tracking.
App for Android/IOS devices, compatible with all browsers.
Anti-frequency jammer.
Allows you to check your motorcycle’s statistics.
No minimum service term.
2-year warranty (except for misuse).
Secure payment: Paypal or bank card.
Best price in the range given the service offered.

Additional Information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 80 x 61 x 30 cm

First year free. Annual subscription for €39.95


Li-Ion 3.7V 950mAh. Up to 5 weeks of autonomy.

Power supply

External power supply: 12V.

Running temperature

-15ºC a +70ºC




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