FAQ’s – Mapit

Where will I have coverage?

The Mapit Connect locator has coverage in all countries of the European Union. Although most of the territory of these countries are covered, there may be areas where it will not work, especially in rural areas, mountains and some valleys. It is also possible that it does not work in basements or very interior areas of buildings.


How can I make sure I receive all notifications on my…?: 


Do I need to have my mobile near the Mapit Connect device?

It´s not nessesary to have the mobile phone close to the Mapit device to make it work. You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC wherever you want to see the information and check movement notifications. 

Do I need to have always internet?

No, if the installation has been done to the electrical system, it won´t drain the motorbike battery. Mapit will start charging once you start your bike and make a route of at least 15 minutes. Mapit´s battery will stabilise its levels after a few routes.

Do I have to pay an additional fee if I want to travel outside of Spain?

No, the locator is operational in any of the 28 European countries without the need for any additional payment. Outside of these countries, the device is not operational.

Do I have to pay monthly fees to use the locator?

No, it does not require the payment of monthly fees. There will be just one annual automatic payment (if the payment method is available) of 39,95€ for the communications of the device. The first year is fully included in the sale price.

Can the device exhaust my motorcycle’s battery?

If the installation has been done correctly, the device is not connected to the battery, but to the electrical system, so the device will only be charged when the motorcycle is on. This means that it will never be charged directly from the battery, so it will not deplete in any case. Even if the device is installed directly to the battery, it is very difficult to exhaust it because of the device, since it has a very low consumption. Even so, we recommend that you start your motorcycle at least once every two weeks and turn around, to charge the battery and to charge the device.


How do quotas work?

When you purchase the device for 139,95€ it is included in the price 1-year subscription. After the year, the annual communication fee will be 39,95€ (VAT included).

How can I do the renovation?

In case you have not added a valid payment method, it will be necessary you add it within the App or web. This will only be used at the renewal.

In case you have already added oneyou won´t have to do anything and the renewal will be automatic. 

Can I exercise my right of withdrawal after the subscription?

You can send us an email to info@mapit.me within 14 calendar days.

How will my card be used?

The payment method you add will be your default payment method for the annual subscription. The price of the subscription is 39,95€, the payment method will be used only when the subscription expires.

How can I change my payment method?

You can eliminate your payment method at any time by contacting us. To modify it, you will only have to add a new payment method through the app or web.

What happens if I do not add a payment method?

Once the subscription expires, the service will stop working, after 7 days it will be canceled. If you want to reactivate the service after 7 days, you will need to add a payment method and it may take a little longer.

From what day will my subscription begin?

From the first day the payment is made.

How can I unsubscribe from the service?

Filling in the following cancellation form and selecting the option you want, whether you want your service to be disabled when you request the cancellation, or if you want the non-renewal once the subscription ends. After 90 days, in the case of not reactivating it, the device will be permanently disabled.

How can I reactivate the subscription once it has been unsubscribed?

To reactivate the service, you must contact us at info@mapit.me or 935 321 361 within 90 days after cancellation. After 90 days, the device will be unrecoverable and in the case of wanting to enjoy the service again, it will be necessary to purchase and install a new device for 139,95€.


What does the percentage of battery inside the app indicate?

This is the battery level at which the Mapit is located, not the motorcycle’s battery. Its optimum performance is between 20 and 100%.  

The Mapit’s battery discharges very fastWhat could be happening? 

  1. The device is not properly installed and is not charged when the motorcycle is running.
  2. The motorcycle has been in the sun for a long time and the Mapit’s battery has suffered. This may occur more frequently during the summer months.
  3. My journeys last less than 15 ’or 20’, and the Mapit receives a low load level.
  4. Using the motorcycle less than 2.5 / 3 hours per week may cause you to consume more charge than you input.

Do I always need to be connected to the application from the same device?

No. You can be connected from any device you want and from wherever you want. Of course, you will always need to do it with the same username and password.

Can I have my session logged in on more than one device (Tablet, PC or Smartphone) at the same time?

Yes, you can have your account open from several devices, but remember, always with the same username and password. That way, once you associate a device to your email account, you can only access you and those people to whom you want to provide your personal user data and password.

Do I have to close the App if I do not want to use GPS?

No, it is not advisable to open and close the App often since firstly, smartphones already optimally manage open applications in the background, opening and closing an app consumes many more battery and RAM resources. Doing this with Mapit may take several minutes to restore and may affect your communication with the device. If you do not want to receive notifications for a certain period of time, you can deactivate that option from the application settings. Similarly, from the settings option you can stop GPS tracking whenever you want.


Can I install Mapit in my car?

Of course, it is equally simple the installation and the Mapit battery will last even longer in a car.

I have several bikes under the Mapit Connect service, how can I manage them all?

Once installed all the devices you want in your vehicles, you will only have to register all with the same user, your email address. This way you can see the location of everyone on the same map. If you click on each of them, the specific information of each locator will appear.

What happens if I sell my motorcycle?

In a resale case, you must follow the steps below: 

  1. The buyer must register in the Mapit app through the app or website itself and enter their payment method (Card) to register their user. 
  1. The buyer or seller should contact Mapit through the email info@mapit.me attaching the change of ownership document to unlink their old user from the device. 



¿How can I make sure I receive all notifications on my Huawei/ Honor? 

It is very easy to make sure you receive all notifications in your Huawei if you check your device settingsWe show you how in the following link

¿How can I make sure I receive all notifications on my Samsung Galaxy? 

In case of Samsung is advisable  to check the settings section “Special access” in device settingsWe show you how in the following link

¿How can I make sure I receive all notifications on my Xiaomi? 

We should follow a couple steps within the settings . We show you how in the following link 

How often is the position updated?

A GPS position is sent approximately every minute while the vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle stops you can see the last known position on the map, and it will warn you in case the vehicle starts moving again.

I just activated my Mapit Connect, but I do not get any position indicator on the map, why?

You will not be able to see the situation on the map until you have been able to receive a GPS signal correctly at least once. Please, place your vehicle in an open space and ride around 15-20 minutes, until you receive a position.

I do not receive any position on the map, what happens?

If you already have your Mapit Connect installed in your vehicle and you have been driving for a while, even so, you do not receive any position, please check out:

  • That you are in an outside area
  • That your area has coverage.

What approximate precision does the GPS have?

The accuracy of Mapit is given by the GPS system. In the city, depending where you are and also the GPS signal between the buildings, is possible that the location point moves a few metres.

Motion alerts are not working for me. What should I do?

It can be due to several factors. First, and depending on your phone model, it may be due to some fault in the application settings. Check out that:

  • The phone is not in the ‘Energy saving’ or ‘energy optimization’ mode enabled. The application must be working in the background and should not be affected by the superposition of other functionalities or applications.
  • You have the notifications activated (both in the settings of the application and those of the phone).
  • If none of these options solve your problem, contact us from the contact section of the website and we will help you solve it.

My Mapit indicates that it is in a wrong place, why is it?

If the location you receive does not correspond accurately with the real one, it may be because your vehicle is parked in a garage or interior area without coverage.

If the motorcycle is outside; it may be because the area where it is located does not receive a good GPS signal. In either case, it is possible that the location is inaccurate, but it will be solved when you return to an area with good coverage.

What do I do if my Mapit fails?

If you have any problem with your device (connection failure, incorrect location, etc.) please contact us through our contact form.

Also, you can send an email to info@mapit.me or call +34 935 321 361.


Who has access to my bank account or card?

The payment methods are encrypted, Mapit cannot access them.

Who has access to my data and location?
To learn more about this point, please read our Privacy Policy.

What happens if I forget my access data?
If you do not remember your password, you just need to click on the section Forgot your password? on the access screen, and we will send you a link in your mail to reset your password.