How Mapit works

Mapit is a small motorcycle tracking device that can be placed discretely on the vehicle. It can be installed by yourself but we recommend you to go to a worksop.

Download our app to register, it takes just two minutes to sign up. Once you are registered, you can start using the app.

Using an integrated motion sensor, Mapit will send you an alert if it detects a strong movement or vibration, and will notify you of the position of your motorcycle on the map.

You can access your motorcycle’s GPS position whenever you need to, either in real time or by checking the movement log, via the app or on the website from any device.

The app

  1. The app allows you to locate your motorcycle on the map whenever you need to, and to see the routes you have already made
  2. The multi-device option allows you to keep track of several vehicles on one screen
  3. You can configure all the settings from the app, without needing to touch the device
  4. Our app is available for IOS and Android.

Mapit-Web3-AppStoreGoogle-01 Mapit-Web3-AppStoreMac-01

The website

You can also track the location of your motorcycle on our website, from any browser.

The device.

Mapit Connect
Small, light device Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Fast activation through code (online) Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Integrated motion sensor: alert when the vehicle buzzes or is moving Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Status notifications in real time (not via SMS) Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Shows your and the vehicle’s location on Google Maps, either on your smartphone, tablet or on the website Mapit-Web3-Check-02
App for Android/IOS devices, compatible with all browsers Mapit-Web3-Check-02
No minimum service term Mapit-Web3-Check-02
2 year warranty Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Suitable for all motorcycle types Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Doesn’t use up your bike’s battery Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Battery level alert Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Permanent installation and connection to your motorcycle’s electrical system (preferably installed by a mechanic) Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Very precise location data for your vehicle Mapit-Web3-Check-02
High precision in the route history Mapit-Web3-Check-02
Your motorcycle can be connected via a power cable included Mapit-Web3-Check-02
€ 139,95

Includes one year of communications.


Placing the device

The device must be connected to the electrical system of your motorcycle, following the instructions included on the box. It is easy to install, but we recommend that you ask a mechanic in your usual garage.


You can register on the website or via the mobile app.

  1. Download the app ( on the Apple Store or Google Play, or go to our website.
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ option and enter your information.
  3. Activate Mapit using the 12 or 15 digit code assigned to you, shown on the label of the device.
  4. Check your email inbox and confirm your registration.
  5. Place your motorcycle in an outdoor location, then wait until it receives the first signal and shows the bike’s location on the map.