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Why Mapit’s IoT technology will transform the relationship between users and their motorcycles

Mapit is reinventing the relationship between drivers and their motorcycles through the use of Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to Mapit’s technologies, now motorcycles have their own “brain” that allow a dialogue without precedents: they notify their owner when they identify rough movements (which could be caused by a robbery for example); they allow sharing the location of the motorcycle with whoever the user wishes…etc. As displayed in our website, the essential part of our solution consists on a GPS tracker connected to an app to track every movement of the motorcycle from any location. The possibilities of this new “brain” are still to be discovered and not a single day goes [...]

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Nota de prensa

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Mapit IoT cierra un acuerdo con Honda Motor Europe España para que sus motocicletas incluyan un dispositivo GPS Más de 20.000 motocicletas Honda saldrán del concesionario cada año con un dispositivo Mapit instalado En una iniciativa sin precedentes, el gigante japonés ha cerrado un acuerdo a gran escala con Mapit IoT para generalizar el uso del vehículo conectado en España. A través de la inclusión de un dispositivo GPS en las motocicletas, el usuario podrá tener toda [...]

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5 less known uses of GPS trackers

When discussing GPS applications, the first thing that normally comes into our minds are car navigators that are used as a guide to some location. This was undoubtedly some of the first and most useful uses of navigation and location systems, but ¿what other less known – but equally useful – finalities can be given to devices connected through this technology ? In the following lines we will discuss the most atractive ones: Vehicle anti-theft: In Mapit we are experts on this matter, and we are aware that an antitheft devices for cars and motorcycles (and in fact for any vehicle) is one of the most useful applications that can be [...]

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Signal jammers: the worst nightmare for car and motorcycle anti-theft systems

  The purpose of a signal jammer is clear: interrupt communication between two devices. This dreaded device is the worst enemy for any alarm, locator or anti-theft device in general. Because of that, they are broadly used by thieves to steal all sorts of objects, mainly cars and motorcycles, and to deactivate alarms from our homes. The purpose of this post is to display how these simple and effective devices operate, and how Mapit’s technologies have been successful in overcoming them. The key aspect is in the electromagnetic noise they produce, which blocks the frequency. Roughly speaking, they generate “useless information” that is introduced inside the frequency of any device that [...]

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What are the types of GPS trackers currently in the market?

  Are all GPS trackers equally useful? Do they all offer the same security? These questions are hard to answer, as there are all sorts of trackers depending on the purpose they serve: for motorcycles, cars, animals and even people- they all offer different possibilities and adapt to the needs of their users. To understand which type of tracker your use case is more suitable for, in the following lines we will display the various technologies available in the market to understand their advantages and disadvantages. The main types are: Trackers with GPRS or 3G connection Trackers that use LPWAN (Sigfox) Trackers that use Bluetooth Each one of these technologies has [...]

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