The lifespan of a motorbike helmet is around 5 and 8 years. However, it is not always like this in reality. In order to make it last as long as possible keeping the same security as the first day it is convenient to follow the instructions that the manufacturer indicates us about the cleaning and care.

The main factors that shorten the lifespan of a helmet are: 

  • Accidents: The safety of the helmet directly depends on the accidents it has. The helmet gets severely weakened. Despite it may look untouched in the outside, it is possible that the internal components are broken. Therefore, a helmet has only one fall. If we have had an accident with it, it will be necessary to change it, to guarantee our safety.

  • A hit in the helmet’s shell. The helment might suffer some kind of accident like falling to the ground from a certain height, or being hit accidentally several times. Several hits will make the protection to be negatively affected, so there will be a lower lifespan.

  • Gratings. In the same way as the previous situation, our helmet is exposed to a lot of external agents that can scratch it with ease. One of the most usual ways to avoid is to use a helmet cover that protects it when we transport it. They are relativelly cheap and it helps us to ensure a higher lifespan for our helmet.

  • High temperatures and weather. If the helmet is exposed for a long time to high temperature like the summer sun or near a heating source will make the materials to wear. It is common to find cracked helmets, flaws or wear materials. You should not trust intuition and you may need to ask for advice to a specialist in the dealer or the store.

  • Cleaning. Another of the factors that contributes to the wear of the helmet is not cleaning it. Unless the manufacturer instructions state the opposite, you should clean the shell with neutral soap or a couple dishwasher drops diluted in water and rub it with a sponge. Try not to use the same cleaning material as the chain. Since the materials are not the same, nor should the washing material be. Products such as solvent, thinners or fuels are very harming with the protecting layers, affecting to its composition and security.

Keep in mind that the helmet is the only passive protection element for the rider. You should take care of it if you want it to keep the safety from the first day and avoid harms in accidents.