Leaving our motorcycle without operation for many days, months or even years can have negative consequences if we do not take some precautions. We leave you some tips so that your motorcycle stays stopped in the best conditions!

Garaje interior

Store in a clean, dry, medium temperature indoor garage

The place where we will keep the motorcycle is important that it be a clean, dry space with an average temperature, ideally in an interior garage.

Rain has negative effects on the paint, it gradually worsens its deterioration. On the other hand, the asphalt accumulates dirt which rises when it rains thus attacking the body of our motorcycle. Other elements such as bird feces have a toxic and corrosive effect or mud that helps perpetuate moisture in the vehicle. Just as prolonged exposure to the sun can discolor the paint, high temperatures overheat the engine or lower temperatures can be harmful to the battery.

Rain, sun, humidity and extreme temperatures are some of the meteorological enemies that our motorcycles face when we leave them outside. But leaving her on the street also means exposing her to vandalism or robbery. If for whatever reason you cannot shelter it, you will always have the peace of mind of protecting your motorcycle with Mapit, which will notify you of any blow or movement suffered on your motorcycle.

Thoroughly clean before storing

Before leaving the motorcycle stopped during whilewe recommend you to keep it as clean as possible even in the most difficult areas where you would not normally clean and dirt accumulates for months or years. 

How to clean the motorcycle? 

Ideally we would start cleaning with the bike cold and in the shadeUsing a sponge in soap and waterbut taking care to cover the exhaust pipe. Alsowe could use degreaser in some areas or specific products for tires. Finallywe would rinse it off with a hose. 

But bewarewashing vehicles on public roads is not allowedNot being able to go to a washing center, if we do not have an adequate space we can use a damp cloth to remove dustspecialized wipes or other products that allow dry cleaning. 

Finallywe will dry it with a cloth and we will finish by polishing it with wax to leave it shiny. 

Leave the chain oiled after washing

Due to the use of detergents and degreasers during washingthe chain may be exposed to a greater possibility of oxidationLikewisewhen it is stopped for a whileit is recommended to grease the chainwith a spray for example (specific for each chain), to avoid seizure and thus ensure better conservation of the motorcycle. 

Protect it with a cover case

We can store it with a protective cover or something that can protect it from dusthumidity and so.

It is important that this sea of ​​natural fibers protect it from dust but at the same time have perspiration. I always sell moisture from the ground and more in basements, garages, etc. If we cover the motorcycle with a non-breathable cover, we are creating a greenhouse where we will condense the humidity.

Free the wheels from ground contact with center stand or lift

For the correct maintenance of the tires during the confinement time, the ideal will be to free the wheels from contact with the ground. A center stand or lift and not the kickstand will be the solution to avoid causing deformation and other damage over time. 

It is a good time to check the depth of the tire drawingstheir deterioration or their pressure according to the recommendations of each manufacturer. A motorcycle prepared for the return to the road! 

Consult the manual and if you are able, disconnect the battery

One of the elements that suffers the most from a vehicle during a break is undoubtedly the batteryThe invisible consumption caused by small components of the motorcycle can drain the battery until it is unrecoverable if we let a long period of time pass. 

Durability will depend on each batterybut if we have the possibilitythe best thing we can do is disconnect the battery to leave it isolated from the electrical systemWe recommend consulting the motorcycle manual beforehand as some deprogram functions when they run out of battery. 

We can also return it to its initial capacity (not its full chargewith the help of an external charger. 

Check the liquids (oil, coolant…) when starting it

For the return it will be important to check that the oil levels are in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. As well as brake fluid or antifreeze. 

Look at the kilometers in case you have a review with your workshop before returning

Have you already looked at how many kilometers your motorcycle has? How long has it been since you passed a review with your workshop? 

If you have the Honda Mapit application you can see how many weeks you have left for the review and make an appointment with your official Honda workshop with just a few clicks. 

You know, do not neglect your motorcycle, even if you have to leave it for a while without driving.