Taking care of the battery is essential for your Mapit to work properly. Here you go some tips to keep your device’s battery level.

We all enjoy hopping on our motorbikes and controlling the routes we do over the day or the week. We like to have our motorbike exact location and getting alerts if someone moves it! In order to be able to have this features we need our Mapit to have a good battery level.

Do we really know the habits we need to carry daily in order to keep the Mapit battery level so it works properly?

Mind the temperature!

First of all, we recommend the motorbike with Mapit to be placed somewhere with a temperature between -20ºC and 55ºC. Since the device has a 1800 mAh lithium battery, it needs to keep an adequate temperatura

Lithium batteries perform optimal in between these values. In order to avoid unusual download peaks, we should avoid the motorbike to have a long exposure to the sun, specially in the summer months, where temperaturas can surpass 40ºC in many places of our country.

The longer you ride, the better!

In second place, try to take the road often. If we hop on our bikes often, besides being able to track our routes, the device will charge during the route time, not considering the km. In other words. If we ride our motorbike 5km in 30mins, our device will get the same charge as if it was 20km in 30 mins.

Ride regularly

Using the motorbike between 2-2.5h/week would be ideal for the Mapit to always keep its battery level at the same level. As we mentioned, in order for the battery percentage not to decrease it is important to ride your bike. The longer it takes you to make a ride, the more charge and hence it Will stand the “stand by” mode longer.

Take care the battery level

Last but not least, we recommend the battery to be above 15-20%. In order for the Mapit to work properly (movement lerts, routes, location, etc) we recommend the battery level to be above these values.

If you follow these steps, Mapit’s battery level is mantained so you can have the control over your motorbike with no problema.

If you still have questions about your device and its battery level. Contact us! We Will respond you as soon as posible to the following email: atencioncliente@mapit.me