Setting up Mapit to get alerts every time our motorbike moves is fast and simple. iOS is a broadly extended operative system whose settings must be adjusted in order to make the notifications show properly. 

iOS devices are constantly updated and have Apple support for several years. However, when the software is updated, make sure that the settings of the notifications work properly.

Specially when you want to receive all your Mapit alerts in your iPhone. First of all, it is important to set the notifications within the app. It’s really simple: 

  • Press the “your device” icon in the landing page, placed in the lower edge. A menu will unfold, where you have to select “information”. 

  • Once the screen changes, slide down to switch the “movement/geofence alert” button on 

After making sure that alerts are activated from the app, follow these steps in the configuration of your device: 

  • iPhone settings: scroll down until you find Mapit 

  • Select notifications 

  • Press on “allow notifications” and make sure you activate all of the options, like in the screenshot below.

Apple also has a help center where  you can find how to change notification configuration in iPhone 

In order to make sure everything works properly you may do a trial. Having both your computer with the web app and your phone, move your motorcycle and check where have you received the notifications. If you only got it in the web app, something went wrong and you should contact us to If the notification arrives to both devices, you are all set!

Finally, you can also take a look at our other articles about setting alerts for Samsung, Huawei/Honor or Xiaomi.