Setting up Mapit to get alerts every time our motorbike moves is fast and simple. Android is an operative system that works in devices from different brands, each with a different configuration.

When it comes to Huawei/ Honor, default setting might restrain some notifications. If you want toreceive all the alerts from your motorbike, this article is for you!

Every Android or iOS device will receive the same notifications. So Huawei phones may get all the alerts.

It’s important to set notifications within the app. It is really simple Antes de todo, es importante configurar las notificaciones dentro de la app. Es muy sencillo:

  • Click on the icon of your device in the landing page, placed in the lower bar. A menu will unfold, where you must select “information”.

  • Once you change screen, scroll down and switch “vibration alert/movement” on

In order to set up the notifications in the system, follow these steps:

  • From Huawei/ Honor settings, get in the Mappit app and make sure you allow its notificationsDesde los ajustes del Huawei / Honor, entra en la App de Mapit y comprueba que permites las notificaciones de la App

  • Make sure you switch the battery optimization off

  • You can delete caché and data from the storage of the app

In order to make sure everything works properly you may do a trial. Having both your computer with the web app and your phone, move your motorcycle and check where have you received the notifications. If you only got it in the web app, something went wrong and you should contact us to If the notification arrives to both devices, you are all set!

You can also check how to set the configuration for other smartphones Samsung, Xiaomi or iPhone.