Mapit IoT has an agreement with Honda Motor Europe Spain 


Mapit IoT agrees with Honda Motor Europe Spain to allow their motorbikes to include a GPS device

More than 20000 motorcycles will be annually sold in the Honda dealers with an installed Mapit.

It is an unprecedented agreement. The big japanese firm has closed a large scale agreement with Mapit IoT to generalize the usage of connected vehicles in Spain. By introducing a GPS device in their motorcicles, the user will have all the information of the motorbike in his phone, tablet or computer. The main function the app uses is the vehicle locator with a map that, together with the movement alerts, represents an enormous progress when it comes to security and motorcycle theft prevention.

An important part of the app has been developed jointly with Honda, in order to adapt the hardware and software to the motorbike user needs as well as allowing an efficient connection with the dealers. An important factor has been the user’s privacy: security measures are high and data is anonimized when used. The user has exclusivity on seeing his information. 

The service has been named Honda Mapit and it’s supposed to ease the access to the connected motorcycle to any type of user. In order to do so, the usual probles when acquiring a GPS device have been solved: The setup will be done in the Honda dealers and the service fee will be low: only 49.95€ with three years of communications included when buying the Honda Plus.

20000 Honda motorcycles of all types and prices are expected to have this device every year, which implies a universalization of a service that was exclusive to some high-edn motorbikes until now. With this strategy, Honda shows its bet for the constant innovation and differenciates from the competitors, who only use these kind of devices for high-end models.

The launch of the service was the 1st November and it can be acquired in any Honda dealer in Spain. 

About Mapit IoT

Mapit IoT is a national company dedicated to the software and hardware development for the Internet of Things (IoT). It has its own range of GPS devices for the end customer and it does customized developments for fleets and companies. The directive team is headed by Javier Marcos, helped by Andrés Aranda in the technical part and Toni Cáliz in the business unit. The team has a long experience in software, hardware, telecommunications and automotive development.

About Honda

Honda is the world’s first intern combustion engine manufacturer, leading manufacturing and seeling motorcycles and the eight car manufacturer in the world. It is also the first company in the automotive sector that has developed a reaction private plane, the HondaJet, as well as owning the most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO, which makes it the leading company when it comes to mobility. With over 40 manufacturing plants in 17 countries, Honda Motor Co. LTD, distributes its products to more than 28.8 million clients (fiscal year 2017).

In Spain, Honda concentrates its business unit in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) with 266 employees.

As well as the production plant, where motorcycles, exchange pieces and accessories are manufactured. Besides the manufacturing plant, the japanese firm has the motorbikes and car commercial division: Honda Motor Europe Spain, the owned financed division (Honda Finance Spai), the Honda Security Institute, the HMEL-ES logistic center, the headquarters from trial competition team, the Repson Honda Team and a HRC division.