When discussing GPS applications, the first thing that normally comes into our minds are car navigators that are used as a guide to some location. This was undoubtedly some of the first and most useful uses of navigation and location systems, but ¿what other less known – but equally useful – finalities can be given to devices connected through this technology ? In the following lines we will discuss the most atractive ones:

Vehicle anti-theft: In Mapit we are experts on this matter, and we are aware that an antitheft devices for cars and motorcycles (and in fact for any vehicle) is one of the most useful applications that can be given to a GPS. When the rest of the systems fail – alarms, chains …etc.- a locator gives us the tranquility of being able to locate the vehicle and in most occasions, prevent it from being stolen.

Locating people: GPS trackers are also very useful to control the location of people that on a given time may need help, because they got lost or they had an accident: climbers, elderly people, kids… Be it because a kid got lost and doesn’t know how to return home, or because a climber doesn’t have the resources to communicate. Whichever is the case, moving with a GPS tracker allows families and rescue services to more efficiently access the place where the person finds itself in a short amount of time.

Plane accidents: On more than one occasion, unfortunately, we have heard of cases in which an airplane suffers an accident and it is not until after several days or weeks that the remaining elements are found. If airplanes flew with GPS trackers, even is they broke or connection was lost, in only one click the place where the plane found itself seconds earlier would be available. Finding it in such an efficient way would save a substantial amount of time and money – and even save the lives of those in the plane.

Animal control: GPS trackers are usually very small and because of that can be easily incorporated, for example, in the collar of our pet. This allows owners to easily and conveniently locate the animal in case it escapes.

Shipment tracking: it is very common that companies give a tracking number to online orders, that allow controlling through the web site the location of the order. The information on that location is obtained thanks to the implementation of GPS systems in the vehicles. Nevertheless, it is also applicable to other types of personal objects like for example our luggage when we travel. In this way, even though the company loses our luggage and sends it to another destination, we will always be able to locate it.